Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Wet'n Wild Water Park

The Wet'n Wild water park is part of the Universal which owns Universal Studios and Island of Adventure. It is situated on the crossroads of International Drive and Universal Boulevard which just happen to be where out hotel was situated.
Surf Lagoon
This water park was included on out 14 day park entrance ticked so it would have been silly not to visit. The previous year we visited Aquatica water park, which is part of Sea World, so it would be good to compare the two.

The first few days in Orlando was only moderately warm weather wise, so we waited until it warmed up prior to visiting. However we are told if the weather is cold the water is actually warmed up here, but I think this is the case for other parks of this nature too.

The attractions the park has to offer are similar to those of other water parks. We spent most of our time at Blastaway Beach and Surf Lagoon with occasional ride on Bubba Tub.

Blastaway Beach is designed for younger children in mind, just like Jessica. There are a maze of slides, splash pools, water soakers, ladders, water jets, cannons and waterfalls, everything to keep the youngster amused.

Surf Lagoon is a beach type pool which starts at zero depth and extends to 6ft deep. Every so often the siren sounds to denote the waves are coming, this has everyone making their way into the water. The pool is surrounded by a sun deck with loungers, tables and chairs so you can relax when your not enjoying the lagoon.

The Bubba Tub is a huge slide with a three large dips as you descend to the bottom. Once you've climbed the six flights of stairs you simple grab one of the large inflatable tubes, climb inside it, grab the handles and you are on your way down to the pool at the bottom.

There are many other attractions in the park to suit all types of thrill seekers and as with all water parks there are lots of life guards to ensure everyone is safe.
Blastaway Beach
Although there isn't a lot to choose between Aquatica and Wet'n Wild, we still preferred Aquatica but both parks are great fun with loads to do, and both are highly recommended.