Monday, 11 March 2013

Orlando Water Rides cont....

Splash Mountain (Magic Kingdom)
Splash Mountain
This was our first water ride in any of the theme parks in Orlando. Splash Mountain is right next to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad in the section known as Frontier land which is influenced by the wild west. The ride takes it theme 'Brer Rabbit and the Tar baby' storyline and is built into a large mountain. We only went on the ride because the waiting time was very short, but ended up going on it countless times.

The vehicle used on Splash Mountain was a long log flume, with riders sitting in pairs. We discovered the further forward you sat, the wetter you got, as the water would splash over the front of the flume.
We're about to get wet
Splash Mountain features many inclines & descents and twists & turns, sometimes in darkness and at great speed as it travels in and out of the mountain. The steepest drop takes place right in front of the viewing area, where people can take photos of the flume as it plunges right in front of them. As you plunge down there is a fixed camera about half way down to capture the horror on peoples face. The photos can be viewed and purchased when you exit the ride, many people just took a quick snap of them selves on the overhead monitors.

Kali River Rapids (Animal Kingdom)
Kali River Rapids
This was one of the gentler water rides in the theme parks, however you could still get soaked, especially if you were sitting in the wrong seat. It is situated in the 'Asia' section of the Animal Kingdom. Again the queues were relatively short as we made our way to the boarding area and the raft with virtually no delay.

The Animal Kingdom focuses on conservation quite heavily and this ride is no different as it highlights the illegal logging trade and the adverse effect it is having on the environment.

The ride begins with a short journey up a ramp before reaching the main river. Once on your way there are geysers, waterfalls with the sound of various animals and birds in the background. This tranquil setting soon changes as the sound of chainsaws drown everything out. The lush vegetation is replaced by burning wood and charred tree stumps. The ride then plunges down a steep ramp into the river below, before tossing and turning in the white water rapids.

As the ride reaches it climax you a squirted by guests using water guns as you pass underneath a wooden bridge.

Journey to Atlantis (SeaWorld)
Journey to Atlantis
The final water ride we went on was at Sea World and was aptly called Journey to Atlantis. The boats used for this ride are in fact boats with wheels on the bottom. The ride starts with a siren beckoning you into the city temple, after a while the boat exits the temple. Soon emerge outside the temple as we face a steep drop, which plunges into the water below, the boat makes a right turn in front of the viewing gallery with people squirting water cannons at the passengers as they pass by.

After another short drop we got absolutely soaked, as were sat at the front of the boat. We then headed up another ramp, returning into semi darkness. As we wind our way through the tunnels the ride speeds up as it takes on a roller coaster form on wheels. Finally it plunges down into another pool and after a short while we arrive back at the start where we get out, all soggy and wet.