Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Day Trip to Cromer

The school summer holidays this year have been pretty miserable weather wise, whenever we tried to plan a day out the forecast always seemed miserable. However we managed to grab a few good days and one of the best days of the holiday was spent at Cromer. Cromer is a popular seaside resort on the Norfolk Coast where we normally visit once a year.

It is situated on a high cliff top overlooking a sandy beach and lovely blue sea. The main focal point is the famous pier, which has survived damage from the sea on numerous occasions and still remains intact.

On arrival we headed straight for the pier for a bite to eat and drink. After a casual stroll around the pier and taking in the sights we headed back into Cromer. We had a quick ride around the city centre in a horse and cart, which was quite pleasant.

Then after a quick stroll through the narrow back streets and an ice cream and some seafood, we headed back to the beach where Jessica made a sand castle.