Saturday, 8 September 2012

Sundown Adventureland

During the school summer holidays this year we decided to take Jessica to Sundown Adventureland theme park. Unfortunately due to the miserable weather conditions that the summer holidays had thrown at us we delayed the trip on a couple of occasions until the weather was more agreeable.

This theme park, that is aimed at families with younger children, it is not really suitable for older children and teenagers. It is located near Retford in Nottinghamshire so we had about 2 hours drive to get there. Once we arrived we made our way into the spacious car park and into the park. The cost of admission is £11.00 each (adults and children over 2). However it's a little cheaper for OAPs and disabled guests.

Sundown Adventureland
The market at Sundown Adventureland 
Sundown Adventureland has lots of themed areas such as:
  • Smugglers Cove
  • Captain Sandy's Play Cove
  • Crash Landings Play Area
  • Sunny Down Farm
  • Story Book Village
  • Noahs Ark Under Fives Play Area
  • Lollipopet Castle
  • Toy Town
  • Pirate Adventure
  • Shotgun City
and many more.....

Noahs Ark Under Fives Play Area
The under fives play area is close to the park entrance and is
of course popular with toddlers
The first stop was the under fives play area which is on the left side of the park entrance. As Jessica played on the rides we sat down and planned the route we would take. Looking at the map, it actually looks like the park can be covered quite quickly, but we soon found out that to cover the park and all of its attractions and rides a full day is needed.

Captain Sandy's Play Cove
Captain Sandy's Play Cove
We soon made our way to Captain Sandy's Play Cove. We passed through Monkey Mischief  and Jessica had a quick spin on the pedal go carts before we got to the Play Cove. Jessica loves playing in the sand and we had a job getting her to move on the the next section of the park.

Boozy Barrel Boat Ride
Trying to keep dry on the Boozy Barrel ride was hard work

Next stop was the Boozy Barrel Boat Ride via the Pirate Adventure. You get into a floating barrel and travel through a winding river, trying to avoid the jets of water that are fired towards you at various points on the ride. Although we only went on the ride once I imagine some people go on several times as it seemed quite popular.

Shotgun City
It was back to the days of the wild west at Shot Gun City
The next section we went to was Shotgun City which had a wild west theme. At the end of this section there is a restaurant with an indoor play area. It was here that we had our lunch, which was quite reasonably priced for a theme park. Following lunch we took a ride on the Rocky Mountain Train Ride and then headed off to Lollipoppet Castle.

Lollipoppet Castle
For those of us with a sweet tooth there's Lollipoppet Castle 
Lollipoppet Castle is another favourite with small children with its sweet and candy theme. There is also a bubble machine which goes off periodically. Like all of the different sections here at Sundown there are small rooms for the children to explore.

After a short walk we reached the Crash Landings Indoor Play Area. Inside is a large play area with a couple of large slides that seemed to be the most popular attraction here, Jessica certainly had enough goes on them and didn't want to leave. If you feeling hungry there is also a restaurant here that sells a variety of food, drink and snacks.

Robin Hood Ride

The next step of the adventure was the Robin Hood Ride which is a train ride through a themed area depicting things associated with the life and times of Robin Hood and Sherwood Forest. Next door to this ride was Sunny Down Farm, which was a farm yard with all kinds of farm animals (the animals are only models, they are not real animals).

Story Book Village
Jack and the Beanstalk at the Story Book Village
After a short walk we arrived at the Story Book Village which is a collection of small houses, each focussing on a children's story. The stories included
  • Goldilocks & the Three Bears 
  • Jack and the Beanstalk
  • Hansel & Gretel
  • Snow White
  • The Three Little Pigs
The children can go inside each of the houses and press a button to listen to each of the stories in the Story Book Village. This seemed to be a very popular part of the park, at least it was when visited.

Smugglers Cove
'A'hoy There' It's Smugglers Cove
We now had about an hour left before closing time so we headed off to Smugglers Cove, which has (you guessed it) a Pirate theme to it. The main attraction here is a large pirate ship where the children can explore.  there a small buildings associated with pirates and smuggling around the perimeter of Smugglers Cover which can also be explored. 

We then headed for the exit for the journey home, as the park was about to close. Overall it was a great day out and Jessica loved it. No doubt we will be back here again, sometime in the near future.