Saturday, 11 August 2012

Ratchaphruek Garden

Situated approximately 10km south west of the city of Chiang Mai, Ratchaphruek Garden is one of the newer attractions that the city has to offer. Ratchaphruek Garden is set in a lush mountainous landscape with a truly breathtaking backdrop.

ratchaphruek garden
The entrance to Ratchaphruek Garden
The gardens which cover about 60 acres in total area are immaculately maintained with all types of plants, flowers and fauna. Other unique features of this garden are the many sculptures, architecture and lakes.

The key features at Ratchaphruek Garden are:
  • The Ho Kham Royal Pavilion, which is the main focal point of the gardens. The pavilion was constructed in traditional Lanna architecture that Northern Thailand is renowned for.

    Ho Kham Royal Pavilion
    The 'Ho Kham Royal Pavilion'
  • There are also the Corparate Gardens which focus on important environmental and eco friendly agricultural and horticultural maintenance practices carried out here.
  • The International Gardens features individual gardens representing a total of 33 countries including China, Holland, Japan and Bhutan. The architecture and sculptures in these designs represent the culture and landscape of the respective country.
  • Other gardens and exhibitions include the outdoor and indoor exhibitions and the Rare Plants garden.
Ratchaphruek Garden

As the site covers a large area, a tram is available near the entrance of the gardens for travelling through the grounds, stopping off at the Ho Kham Royal Pavilion.

However to really explore and get some great snaps of the gardens walking is recommended, as you miss quite a lot of interesting things on the tram.