Saturday, 7 July 2012

Soarin at Epcot

Soarin in a simulator ride, which is located in 'The Land' pavilion in the Future World section at Epcot. It is one of the most popular rides in this park and for this reason the waiting times and queues are often very long. I know we had to wait for over two hours before we went on this ride. Tip: To avoid the queues either get a fastpass or alternatively, head over to the ride early morning when the park opens.

To make queueing more bearable there are interactive games on monitors that are mounted to the corridor walls as you wait for the ride. When it was our turn to finally go on the ride, we were given brief instructions and a pre-flight video prior to entering. We then took our seats and buckled ourselves in, as the ride starts you are lifted into the air to give the impression you are taking off.

Once you are on you way you soar over many different places and types of scenery including:

  • San Francisco and The Golden Gate Bridge
  • Canoeists on the waters of Redwood Creek
  • Over treetops past a group of hot air balloons
  • Ocean
  • The side of a mountain watching the skiers winding their way down
  • Through a rocky valley with hang gliders and passing a high waterfall
  • Over a golf course, narrowly missing a golf ball
  • Deserts and mountain tops
  • An aircraft carrier in the harbour
  • Over Disneyland at night time
After queueing for over two hours the Soarin ride lasted for about four minutes. Was it worth the wait? I didn't think it was, however my wife and Jessica thought it was and would have queued again if I hadn't dragged them away. There's no doubt it is an exiting ride, but try and avoid the queues with a fastpass, or get there when it is relatively quiet, such as early morning.

The video below shows the Soarin ride in its entirety (courtesy of