Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Siam Park Tenerife

Siam Park is a large water park located at Playa de las Americas in Tenerife. It has a variety of water themed rides and attractions making it one of the premier tourist attractions that the island has to offer. The park is set in a beautiful paradise depicting the ancient oriental kingdom of Siam, or Thailand as it is known today.

siam park tenerife
The main entrance to Siam Park
There are a variety of water rides that cater for people of all ages and types including adrenalin junkies, thrill seekers and even for those who just prefer to relax and soak up the sun.

Siam park is situated on the south coast of Tenerife in Playa de las Americas close to the popular tourist spots of Los Cristianos and Costa Adeje. Courtesty transport in the form of buses are laid on by the park to take tourists to and from the park. They stop at various locations like hotels and shopping malls. Most of the hotels in the area will have information on the pick up locations and bus timetables.

However for those staying on the north of Tenerife, don't depair as there is a comprehensive bus service which takes a little over an hour to the park.

The entrance fees for this water park are 30 euros for adults and 19.50 euros for children. If you haven't booked before you arrive the fees are payable on the gate as you enter.

However for the best value deals it is better to book the tickets online prior to flying out there. The best deals include a twin ticket deal, this includes both Siam park and Loro Parque. Lora Parque is on the north of the island, and free transportation is included in the price.

The twin ticket deals are the best option as you not only save money, you also get a fast track pass into the parks, great for skipping lengthy queues.

Upon entering the park an official photographer takes a quick snap of your family, party, group etc. The photos can be purchased later in the day, if you so wish.

Close to the entrance of the park is a large pool with Sea Lions known simply as 'Sea Lions island'. As you walk on you come the floating market, which is designed to replicate the famous Thai floating markets.

The floating market is made up of small shops and stores where souvenirs can be purchased to remind you of this park. Drinks and snacks be purchased here too, however there are various points around the park where food and drink are available.

Prior to entering the main park area where all the water rides are, visitors can hire lockers (for a small fee) to keep their clothes and valuables safe while they are enjoying the rides.

Siam Beach and Wave Palace
siam beach
Siam Beach and Wave Palace
Inspired by the famous white sandy beaches and clear blue waters of Thailand, Siam Beach is a man made beach and ocean. This part of the park is popular with sun bathers and people who just want to take it easy and relax on the clean white sand.  .
There are two restaurants in this section, and you will be spoilt for choice with a variety of international cuisine to that can be enjoyed either on the beach or the terrace.

Siam beach also has the wave palace, a wave machine, which is one of the most popular attractions the park has to offer. The wave machine produces a series are large waves, many people prefer to wade further into the water to experience to larger waves.

Tower of Power
tower of power at siam park
The Tower of Power - Not for the feint hearted
The Tower of Power is not for the feint hearted and is arguably Siam Parks most iconic ride. Due to its height it can be seen from most places in the park. It must be a terrifying sight as you sit at the top of the slide and look downwards prior to sliding down.

We noticed it was not uncommon for people to walk down again without actually going on the ride. needless to say we didn't go on it, but it was fun watching others.

Once you start to slide you are faced with a near vertical drop of 100 feet in free fall mode, before going through an aquarium, and finally being ejected into a small pool. 

The Lost City

lost city at siam park
The Lost City

This is one of the attractions at Siam park that is aimed at younger children who aren't allowed on the larger rides due to the height restrictions in place. The Lost City is a maze of towers and buildings joined by bridges and nets. The Lost City has all kinds of water features including waterfalls, fountains and slides.

There is also a large bucket on a hinge, that has a monkeys head on it. It swings back and forth as it fills with water, eventually it tips the water on who ever is standing below it. Quite a few people got caught out with this.

To the side of the Lost Kingdom is the Baby Zone which is aimed at toddlers who are yet big enough for the Lost City. It is basically a small pool with a slide.

The Naga Racer

naga racer
The Naga Racer

The Naga Racer is the place where you can challenge your family or friends in a race to the bottom of the Naga snakes. Simply pick up a mat, walk to the top of the ride, lay tummy first on the mat and race to the bottom. Up to six people can race at any one time.

Jungle Snake

Choose between four different routes as you twist and turn your way trough the jungle. You can choose between a single or double inflatable ring.

The Dragon

the dragon
The Dragon

The Dragon is a popular water ride where you experience the loss of gravity. Up to 3 people ride on an inflatable raft which gradually gets faster, eventually you end up at the entrance of a large cone. You go back and forth before loosing all gravity before the ride eventually comes to an end.

Mai Thai River

The Mai Thai River also called 'the lazy river' is the ideal way way to relax and take it easy especially after all of the excitement of the day. The river winds its way through most of the water park. Simply lay back and take in the lush vegetation and greenery, cascading waterfalls and aquarium before finally ending up in a jacuzzi.