Thursday, 28 June 2012

Spaceship Earth Epcot

When you approach Epcot is almost impossible not to notice the massive sphere that is reminiscent of a giant golf ball. This iconic structure which is the symbol of this amazing theme park actually houses a ride called Spaceship Earth.

spaceship earth
This giant sphere that houses the 'Spaceship Earth' ride
Spaceship Earth is the first ride you will come across, as it is located near to the entrance as the park. It was also our first ride at Epcot, as we arrived at the park quite early and the queue was still relatively short. The ride depicts the evolution of human communication and interaction, dating back from the ice age all the way back to the present day.

--> Once inside you board an 'omnimover' and the journey begins. After a short spell in a dark tunnel, you are asked to look at the camera for a photo, before you emerge into the main part of the ride. The first part shows some cavemen using teamwork and communication to hunt a Wooly Mammoth.

As the ride progresses it depicts key moments in history, such as the Egyptian invention of paper, Roman roads, The Gutenberg Press, telephone, television and computer inventions to name a few.

As you near the end of Spaceship Earth the omnimover turns 180 degrees and you enter the planetarium, giving you a realistic view of how planet earth looks from space. This is nearly the end of the ride, however on the way back you get the opportunity to build your own future by answering some questions on the video screen in front of you.

As you exit the ride, you enter an area called 'Project Tomorrow'. This area contains many interactive games and puzzles that are great fun for all ages.

Although many people say this ride is poor and best avoided, we actually enjoyed it immensely and went on it, on several occasions. We rarely had to queue for more than 10 minutes, and even if the queue was long it still moves quite quickly.

The above video shows the full Spaceship Earth ride. Although it is a little dark and difficult to see at times it was the best quality I could find.